no longer “almost”!

Update! After a long summer of studying, I successfully passed my RD exam and I’m now a Registered Dietitian! In honor of this, I’ve got a new blog over at

It had long been my plan to begin a legit blog once I was a real dietitian. So, jump over there and follow along!



on disappearing..


What can I say, life got crazy.

An engagement, wedding planning, driving 3 hours day for a month of clinical rotations, work, wedding planning (deserves a second mention), volunteering, trying to soak up my last bits of college and BAM. I haven’t posted all semester and I graduate in five days.

Needless to say, the only thing keeping me from being a real RD is getting some paperwork sent off and taking an exam (and studying for said exam). I have a summer of working at the beach, and then a cross-country to move to Michigan and life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Anyways… I’m back and I’ll probably go back to posting regularly 🙂

the home stretch

So since this blog is primarily a way for me to chronicle my journey of being a college student and such, I figured I should maybe do a quick little post to talk about this last semester and how crazy that is and what things are looking like!

Well so far, it’s been pretty fab I’m not even going to lie. Due to how I was admitted into the Coordinated Program, my last semester was terrible full of three different clinical rotations, meaning that this semester I only have one!! ONE, y’all!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, trust me.

I also completely got super lucky and all of my actual classes are online this semester. Two of them are like über non-stressful, which leaves me with Microbiology but that will be fine and I’m just truckin through. For the month of February I will have my last clinical rotation which will be at a Nursing Home that is 1 1/2 hours away from me. Doesn’t sound too great, but I’m anxious to begin. I’m kind of of the mindset that I can do anything for 4 weeks, which is so true! Also, I do like clinical dietetics and I know that I can do it well. I’m not stressed at all about not being able to perform the job, because I’ve done it before… a lot. Plus old people are great, and I’m excited to be around them and make them happy (ie. milkshakes??!). I’ve also heard that my preceptor is really great… so I’m just ready to get that rolling.

So since I’ve been waiting for that the begin… I’ve really just been relaxing and enjoying actually having free time! Being able to like…read for fun is amazing. Actually getting adequate sleep and being able to exercise and cook and have time to watch the Today show while eating a balanced breakfast makes me SO happy. Really though, coffee+breakfast+the today show is the key to starting a good day. That plus spending quality time with Jesus.

I really am loving it because I know this is so unlike “the real world”, so I’m fully soaking in my last few months as a college student (minus the month of February).

In other news…

I’ve been volunteering with precious little kids at an after school community program with a group of my fellow Coordinated Program girls. We’re eventually going to get to teach them nutrition lessons and let them make healthy snacks, which is just so fun! They are hilarious and truly brighten my week.

I ate some bugs last week. No seriously, I was in a meeting and one of our professors came in with some little baggies of bugs and made us eat them. They’re actually a good source of protein apparently. I had the chili-lime cricket, and it wasn’t bad at all!

I’m going home this weekend to catch the beginning of Mardi Gras! I was trying to think of some way I could health-ify King Cake… but thats super hard. Give me some more time and I’m sure I’ll come up with something!


the best cranberry pecan quinoa

I usually cook at least one semi-legit dinner each week. Most nights I simply throw something really basic together that doesn’t require much thought, but last week I was trying out this new chicken + mushroom dish and I had a hard time trying to decide on another side. I was already roasting some brussels sprouts and I needed something else. So I literally went to my pantry and just kind of looked… saw some quinoa, saw some pecans sitting next to it and was inspired.
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